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An auspicious human birth

All the while knowing no words will ever capture what is prior to words, prior to thinking, prior to form, prior to all manner and matter of things. Paradox abounds and can only be lived.

An auspicious human birth

Buddhism speaks of an auspicious human birth, through which we are able to awaken out of this endlessly spinning wheel of birth, suffering, death and unrelenting karma. Other traditions similarly suggest that our life journeys are, most fundamentally, opportunities to awaken, with lots of hints, signs and pointers along the way, for those who pay attention.

To see past all the insanity, fear and conditions we are surrounded by, we must first begin to understand that peace is not something to acquire, have or achieve, but rather, peace is what we, in and as our original and eternal nature, are.

As identities in the beliefs of separation slowly fall away, our lives slowly transform into what has always actually been a multidimensional movement through all these interweaving and interacting paths we are collectively navigating with all of life, each one of us in our own unique ways. All the while as this worldly terrain we seem to be wandering through becomes more and more about all of us together.

In all of our deepest human origins stories, familiarity and paradox always eventually become about joining hands. The opposite off chaos is harmony, relationship and rhythm, rather than any “outside” imposed “rational” order.

Observing here with myself now, it occurs that, though this world we humans have made up is still very often confusing, painful and even deeply discouraging, I am at peace with what I’ll call God, recognizing there are countless other words, terms and symbols for what cannot be named, grasped or described, and yet is the source, substance, power and energy of our whole universe, of all of existence, all manner and matter of things, our very own consciousness, and Life itself.

A lot of people only seem to feel powerful (safe) when they are a part of a group of what I am going to call here “followers,” whether it be of a person, an organization, an ideology, a subculture, etc., etc.

For myself and for no explicable reason, I have always, even as a child, felt the total opposite, often appalled by such groupings, and so have never been a very good or obedient follower. This strong tendency has always kept me at odds with what I’ve come to clearly see now is a mostly insane human world. Over time and with difficulty I learned to survive by staying as invisible as possible within our crazy made-up world’s many cracks, alternatives, fringes, back alleys, wildernesses and hidden places.

In my youth I believed that, because I could not ever seem to fit anywhere, or find anything in this human world that felt right or true, that all this world’s insanity was actually about me. My father, school, and society all seemed to want to hammer that belief into me.

The startling discovery or realization that all this insanity belongs to the made-up human world, and is not actually my own, was what began my first serious turning off into new and different ways.

There have been sooo many similar sorts of turnings and and discoveries in my life since, hugely beyond counting, and clearly not over yet. Each new turn and discovery invariably leads into ever more understanding, increasingly deeper connections with myself, and with creation. In other words with all these natural dimensions we are also a part of, and which seem altogether to be about a realm of infinite possibilities far beyond any of these merely temporary, made-up appearances I am naming here in this writing our human believed world.

Mobs, klans, terrorist organizations

The sense of power (or safety) that comes from being a part of a group for so many also makes possible mobs, klans, gangs, cults, terrorist groups, capitalism, rapacious multinational corporations and war ravaging governments. People’s hugely projected fears become the basis of what most members of a mob, klan, gang, cult, multinational corporation or terrorist group hide from, and at the same time are actually hiding behind.

All the while as they keep projecting all these shared fears, conditioning and insanity ever outward, adding more and more alienation and delusional beliefs into their own identities of separation, and into our human made-up and believed in world.

This made-up world’s elite, corporate, oligarchical, militaristic, autocratic, and capitalist predatory ruling classes are actually highly dependent upon a majority of people being divided among themselves, as well as separate and disconnected from their own natural environments, in most of these same insane ways.

In other words the ruling classes are increasingly dependent upon the widespread and continued existence of mobs, klans, gangs, cults, terrorist organizations and nation states fighting, fearing and hating each other.

More and more now, there is an intentional and organized breaking down of all the many once natural and indigenous interconnected ways of local human and non-human communities, villages, tribes, extended families and affinity groupings, variously located within and interconnected through local geo-regions and watersheds.

This breaking down, and the real and deeply felt sense of separation and disconnection it entails, is the true source of most modern peoples’ sense of and beliefs in powerlessness. It is an intentional and organized breaking down that first began to build up momentum in Europe in the early middle ages, with feudalism and the enclosing and “ownership” of the commons.

I am not talking about “conspiracies theories” here. I am instead talking about some of the inevitable inclinations of our deeply shared and collective human beliefs in the illusions of separation. These beliefs are acting as and through what I’ll call the cunning, selfish and most often unconscious undercurrents and inclinations of certain extreme individuals, institutions, groupings and beliefs systems. All of this right here in our human made up world where extremes have now become the norm.

As a result, people are feeling forced more and more by their own natural will to survive to join with reactionary organized religions, outspoken conspiracy theories and theorists, corporate and political concentrations and affiliations, powerful and chaotic leaders, gurus, influencers, saviors, ethnic divisiveness, extreme separatist ideologies, and all the many, many reactionary divisions, sub-cultures, cults, hate groups, mobs, klans, gangs and criminal and terrorist organizations that, along side the ruling classes, prey upon all our collective, relative and so often artificially contrived experiences of powerlessness.

All the while as every bit of behavior, thought and word in our world is more and more turned into statistics and data, to be analyzed, calculated, massaged, and turned into purposely distorted stories as well as outright manipulative lies. Lies that are then fed back to people through corporate owned and controlled mass media. All of it “purposefully,” in order to stir up a kind of planned (both tactical and strategic) divisiveness, right here now in our current times. And with all of it made more and more possible through centralized and concentrated wealth and even more concentrated power’s growing technological abilities to oversee and control what were once called the commons.

This NOT just being about our physical commons, but also about our ideological commons, zeitgeists, or belief systems. This ownership of the commons includes an almost complete domination of all our human ways to communicate and share our ideas, experiences, and unique and myriad perspectives with each other.

All the while as the “owners” of our communication mediums fill our no longer “commons” with misinformation, disinformation, lies and deceit, primarily in order to turn people, aka “citizens,” against one another.

Scarce and owned

The ruling class’s primary means of staying in power is and always has been through keeping our collective means of survival scarce and owned, coupled with manipulating whole sub-sections of populations into being divided, desperate and scared, that is scared of each other and scared of other populations. This is of course the primary cause as well as purpose of all wars, with the profits and spoils of war, in the form of wealth, power and resources being of course an additional important justification in the minds of the war makers.

All of our creative endeavors and human and non-human social systems and ecosystems are being broken apart, or we could say “rendered” into more easily quantifiable and controllable “bits and pieces,” collections of “things,” or “aggregates.” Actual human lives are becoming more and more merely “data,” “labor units” and “material” resources. This is being done through the use of increasingly sophisticated digital and other advanced technologies, and our now near fully corporate-owned media, corporate owned political systems, government branches and bureaucracies, a corporate owned and dominated internet, and now even corporate owned AI or artificial intelligence.

Humans, life, ecosystems, life forms and nearly everything else, in the minds of these fractured and competing ruling classes, has been turned into their conflicted and fascist-centered ideologies of wealth, power, politics, resources, goods, consumers, laborers, managers, finances, others, them, disposables, excess, etc., etc.

Or in other words everything altogether has now been redefined as “commodities, resources and wealth potential,” to be owned, controlled, manufactured, manipulated, exploited, traded, competed with, fought over, sold or “recycled.” And/or eventually discarded, into all the now myriad forms of pollution, eco-poisons, eco-imbalances and eco-destruction.

And with nearly all of it owned, managed and expedited by ruling-class capitalist ideologies, corporate financial systems, oligarchs and “markets.” Everything not renderable in any of these ways is considered to be either a threat, valueless, ignorable and/or disposable.

The human race as a whole has now become a “thousand” different subcultural variations of “group think,” altogether “managed,” sub-managed and directed by all the competing, conflicted and conflicting predatory ruling classes and their well rewarded “middle class” managers, who use what have become some extremely advanced technologies, the internet, advanced communication systems, corporate media, bureaucracies, politics and some highly calculated competitive economic survival pressures, to variously manipulate, control, disinform, misinform and reinforce people’s alienated and alienating beliefs about themselves, so-called “others,” and the “scary world” all around them.

The common themes and purposes in all of it is, of course, some variation of greater and greater control. Mainstream religions, political parties, ethnic groups, pop culture, splinter groups, economic divisions and classes, ideologies, race, gender, generations, and so many more ways we have seemingly been broken down and divided among ourselves, have all become, more and more, merely the various and varying aspects and means for some ever more precise and detailed control.

Even a lot of so-called non-dual and new-age “spiritual” people are falling into all these very same divisive “identity” traps, more and more.

Stop baloon

Mourning out in the open

Humans have completely forgotten, as a species and for a long time, with the exception of maybe a few still surviving indigenous cultures and some rare individuals, that the natural world, or we could easily say the Earth via all of Her huge and infinite variations and expressions around the globe, is our one true interconnected commonality, community or commons, as well as being the deepest manifest source of who and what we humans actually also are, as expressions here in form.

Instead, in what has become a huge collective ignorance on a planetary scale, we humans are currently actually destroying the very fundaments of that commonality or community, in now uncountable and massively scaled ways, at breakneck speeds, all around the globe.

So much has been and continues to be lost, including countless species and environments, ecosystems, watersheds, natural communities, cultures, languages, ways of life, and sooo much more totally beyond measure, and with so much of this loss having come about in even just my own one single lifetime.

We are now at the point of having consumed and destroyed, in a mere couple centuries at very most, all of life’s legacies, which includes not just present life, but nearly all of past life as well, through (and in the form of) our use of fossil fuels. All of this Earth as we humans have known it, for tens of thousands of years, is nearly used up and/or destroyed now, by our own false ideations of and beliefs in separation, and an insane greed founded in fear of what are simply our own projected illusions and delusions, upon creation.

And so, more and more, I am wearing my mourning out in the open, as I grieve the passing of all of that “wild” we humans once also were, and cannot survive apart from.

And yet within all this vast emptiness that seems to be overtaking everything real and true, there is also a calling, to everyone with the ability to truly see and hear, for us to make ourselves available to what I believe still wants to arise up through all of this dis-integration, in some new and different ways.

Not via any of our current extremely familiar and totally insane “business as usual” technical or materialist ways, and certainly not via any of our human believed-in pasts based on destruction, plunder and commodification, all of which are continuing to bring about what may still easily become the final ending of whatever is left of healthy natural human communities in coevolution with our beloved earth’s living and ever evolving natural worlds. The very Wild of Existence that is also our own source.

But instead, reaching to come through all that hubris, some new possibilities not caught up in our illusions of time, or the past. In other words, some new human ways for us to collectively move beyond all these insane beliefs that have brought us to where we are now, on a planetary scale.


There is a kind of spaciousness that has taken over my whole life for a long time now, and within this rich formless emptiness I am good with God, prior to all words, images and concepts. “Perfection” not necessary. Somewhere here in the midst of what is an infinite hugeness is an unspoken cosmology of primary teachings that for most of my life have been coming into awareness, more and more, all the while as what seems to be the source of these teachings slowly takes over and becomes what I once believed was me. Or, more accurately, as more and more of the myriad variations of this belief in “me” slowly dissolve out of the way of what was always and already here.

I now understand, accept and deeply embrace that all of existence, including all this I still, though ever more tenuously, think of and experience as me, is part of a greater reality in which humans, this earth Herself, all that is within and upon our planet, everything encompassed by all these myriad circlings around our sun, and literally everything else both seen and unseen in our day and night skies, is held within, arrises from, and IS, in literally infinite unique ways, the same singular unified extension of the Love of God that is also you and I.

So for me there is now a clear and unwavering knowing that separation is an illusion. Total certainty, without any achievements or “doing” on my part at all. It is a knowing without a separate “knower,” and yet this knowing is also paradoxically you, I, and all that is. It is as if this very knowing is God’s Knowing, and this Love we are is God’s Love.

With ALL of this “rest,” that we humans have laid over creation, over our living earth, being merely what we have “made up” out of our extreme identification with illusions and delusions of separation, our unconscious and semi-conscious beliefs empowered by what were once instinctual, natural and interconnected animal fears, and a now endless stream of ideations arising out of an ever changing, shifting kaleidoscope of “memories” we call the past. A “past” that is now after hundreds of generations actually energetically and biologically conditioned into these temporary body organisms that most of us are still convinced is the full extent of who and what we are.

And with all of that memory further projected into an ever shifting and changing collection of imaginings, illusions and delusions that we call the future.

Including how all this “past” and “future” has been laid out within a much larger hubris we call time, something we have made up by artificially stringing all these memories, recordings, activities and projections into a manufactured and simplistic linear dimension we then “measure,” using some select relative values constructed out of the apparent movements of some astronomical bodies and mechanical devices.

In truth everything real is happening, arising, occurring, appearing, dissolving, and falling away “within” this One eternally unchanging ever present moment that some of us sometimes call Now. Which our three-dimensional body-minds that we keep believing is the full extent of who we are simply cannot imagine or comprehend.

And yet Now is the only one constant unchanging and true experience we ever actually and truly know. And all without ever any need to be someone or something “else,” to know this.

Others and things

Instead of trusting in this eternal always present Now, which cannot ever be grasped or conceived by a mind made of these illusions of time, and through trust allow this incredible mystery of existence to slowly reveal itself as being no different or other than our very own awakening consciousness, we humans have made up “others” and “things.” We have done this in part to justify all our beliefs in the illusions and delusions of separation, an insane human meta belief our whole planet and all life on it is presently in the terrible and rapidly expanding and accelerating destructive grips of.

With all that insane belief now continually devolving into a world of increasingly conflicted and conflicting relationships with and between all these imagined separate “selves” we believe “we” are, as well as with and between all those so-called “others” and other “things” that we believe are “out there.”

Most modern humans now firmly believe we are separate from, threatened by, and therefore must acquire power and domination over the world around us. And further, that we must acquire this “power over” by any and all means necessary and possible. Up to and including nuclear weapons, police states, and any and all forms of coercion and domination, through whatever made-up appearances and excuses as may be “necessary,” in order to take ever greater control of a larger world we have forgotten we have co-evolved with, and are inseparable from.

With all this “control” being in essence just another illusion or projection of our human collective’s extreme beliefs in separation. Altogether and most fundamentally serving to keep us “forever” (in these illusions of time) anchored back into all our biological (and now as well hugely technological) imprints of memory, his-story, and into all these beliefs we think we also are. With “forever” in this context being merely a “measure” of time that is more than anyone can comfortably imagine.

Resulting in what has now become a near total “commodification” of all of life, the natural world, earth processes, minerals and substances, human and non-human populations, labor, daily activities, environments, species, individual entities, local communities, societies, culture, language, knowledge, mediums of exchange, etc., etc.

Nearly everything in the human perceived world has now been made into a commodity, with all of our natural mediums of human exchange having long ago degenerated into the cancers of what are now called “financial systems,” which are totally in service to the many various ruling elites’ planet-wide zero-sum commodities games. Games that are altogether most commonly and widely known as “capitalism.”

Even love and friendship have been painted by the very same commodities brushes, through the activities of extreme narcissism, greed, and addictions to power. This whole human made-up overlay world, overlaid upon creation, nature or the Wild, is essentially and fundamentally addiction writ large.

Pretty nearly all human and personal values, interactions, creative activities, and even regular peoples’ most simple and natural cares and concerns, have been painted, forced, manipulated and tricked into the service of the owners and rulers of our now almost totally “privatized” commons, mediums of exchange, and the politics of our collective outcomes.

I will define politics here now as being how we direct, shape and make use of what are the natural powers and resources of the collective. For good, or for bad. And in this context, good is to be understood as what serves the whole, and bad is to be understood as what serves the beliefs of separation.

ALL of this extreme commodification as described here, is for the sole purpose of extending, defending and solidifying the ideations and attachments of an elite few identities of separation, who believe their “highest and best” endeavors and achievements are to accumulate, apart from the whole, ever greater material and financial wealth, ever greater domination and control over all the many positions, centers and levers of collective power, and a greater and greater display of their extreme and vain self imageries in all these regards. This last often to the public, but more often and most importantly to each other.

With far too many humans investing themselves sooo much more, and even obscenely more, into all these narcissistic, alienated and alienating ways of separation. And with ALL of their artificial, destructive and extremely obscene “gains” and accumulations of wealth and power being at the terrible expense of all other humans, all other life, all of the natural world, oceans, geo-regions, and now even our earth’s climate.

All of this manifesting most vividly through capitalism, totalitarian governments, oligarchies, hierarchies, patriarchy, racism, misogyny, extreme and obscene consumption, oppression, and sooo many more pathological “embodiments” of this “commodification” of existence.

And with all of it being sustained, “justified” and amplified by all of humankind’s collective beliefs in the illusions of separation.

Layer upon layer of projections upon projections of belief upon more belief, all in service to the beliefs of separation. Until we can just barely see past this “world” we have all together collectively imagined into seeming existence, as in “made up.”

We actually believe all this insanity is “who” and “what” we are, and that we are even somehow “righteous” for having violently overlaid it upon nearly the whole of the earth and pretty near all other life forms now. With all of it an artificial construct made up out of physical and mental properties and projections that have been shaped and defined by our beliefs in separation, and with it altogether being empowered, at its very most fundamental levels, by an instinctual human emotion we sometimes call fear.

Leaving humanity presently nearly totally lost in what is now a huge planet-wide conflict of alienation, resistance and violence. We are in conflict with ourselves, with creation, and with virtually all of the earth’s natural rhythms, cycles and life processes, all the while as we continue in our attempts to impose our ever increasing artificial constructs and projections upon creation, earth, life, and each other.

All of this imagining and artificiality, aka beliefs, after countless generations, has become deeply embedded in our social and familial structures, our languages, our libraries and institutions, our sciences, our memories, our stories and our his-stories, and now even in each of our body-mind’s physical and energetic structures and DNA. With absolutely ALL of it founded upon one single meta-belief which almost all humans share, that a “something” called “me” can be separate, apart and independent from the Source of Everything.

That we can become our very own separate source of the world around us, in other words of all seeming “existence,” and thereb. “control,” through domination, coercion, resistance, manipulation, conflict and opposition, anything and everything “else.” That is, everything that seems to be “other” than us.

To become god of our own made-up world. Here is the deepest foundation of ego, beneath all its ever increasing and expanding attempts to add more and more artificial layers to itself. A wish to replace God with man. In the Western bible this “genesis” of separation is pointed to in part via the story of the apple.


The gift

The also amazing and even miraculous thing in all of this is, we humans are gifted with this very same Awareness that all of existence arrises from and disappears back into. This very “I” that believes it can somehow be separate from and dominate over everything is actually an Extension of the very Source of Everything. Or as so many traditions say, we humans (not our bodies, our humanity, or sentience) is created in the Image of God. That we are Self-Aware thoughts in the Mind of Goddess.

This core self aware consciousness we also are is neither more nor less than the very same connection all of existence has to its source, but for us humans this connection keeps being made fresh, self aware and alive with each new what some traditions call auspicious human birth, for the possibilities of another journey of awakening into this Whole of Life that we also Are.

This deep human “sense,” yearning, or desire is felt or experienced prior and without dependency to emotion, thought or sensation, even as it is often confused for some of that. A mistake sort of similar to the way the sky can sometimes forget, misunderstand or mistake itself as being the many clouds that are so often moving through it. And yet that same larger Spaciousness the sky of consciousness is an extension of is calling to these clouds of forgetting, to remember themselves for what they (we) truly are, and no less so for also being clouds, all in this same Here Now measureless, dimensionless moment.

Our whole purpose as humans born into these “times” and “places” we have made up and overlain upon creation is to awaken into this Awareness we also are, and to realize, as in bring “here and now,” or AWAKE, so to speak, the real Truth of Love we can never not be, and have only forgotten.

Many human cultures at various times in the past actually knew this was our human purpose. With large understandings of these callings, paths and journeys (or non-journeys) woven into most indigenous people’s daily lives, languages, customs, practices and rituals. And very often, through all their relationships, struggle, poetry, songs, stories, daily and natural rhythms, cultural traditions, practices and rituals, some individuals in those cultures awakened.

A common thread through many of those ancient traditions was an understanding that God sees God, Wholeness knows Wholeness, Love discovers Love, Truth recognizes Truth. That we are all of that and more, and that we are constantly being called to realize, it is so.

Yet here in what we like to think of as “modern” times the ego redefines, misleads and uses its fearful experience of this innate yearning or calling, which it inherently knows leads to the end of itself, to justify its efforts to go ever further and further outward and “away,” through all its ever changing and expanding projections, imagery and beliefs, in order to add more and more artificial layers onto all of its already intricately combined, conflicted and conflicting identifications with separation, power, material attachments and conquest.

The ego knows that this innate calling from our very own Source we also are, is the beginning of the end of it.

More gift

And yet another miracle, gift or extension from God, this incredible unique ability to self-consciously think and feel that humans have, so that we can reflect back upon all these myriad and varied perceptions via our bodies’ senses, and to do this not just in regards to the world around us, but also and most miraculously in regards to ourselves, each other, and other life forms, and then, through that miracle, to self-knowing actually bring all these memories and stories of our unfoldings into play with each other and the world around us.

So that we have now also become able to manipulate appearances via the mind’s recognized (remembered) patterns of sensation, perception and conception, in ancient, new, changed, different and experimental ways, via the mechanics of our now highly evolved and conditioned brains and nervous systems, and also (though less understood) via our other various tangible and intangible conditioned bodily structures and energetic systems.

In other words to think, feel and act in nuanced responses to the world around us, to each other, to our own selves, to existence, and to every other perceived and imagined thing. With all of it seemingly appearing, or as we tend to say “happening,” in relationship to this experience or “schism” of a self consciousness that has come now to deeply believe it is a discrete and separate “something” we variously call “me” and “us,” and which we believe is apart from everything and everyone “else.”

child torch

This seeming

I want to now emphasize “seeming,” because what is actually self aware is Consciousness, this actual Source of all that is, or what in many spiritual scriptures is called God. And yet nothing exists except in relationship. Or we could say everything is “made” of relationship, or Consciousness interacting with itself, with all seeming “things” arising or “appearing” from within that interaction. In other words the actuality of all manifest existence, including our very own selves, IS relationship. And so separation, that is, “something” separate, become literally impossible. Belief in separation is possible, and is in fact dominant in our human-believed world. But belief is only and merely belief, or in other words not actual, or real. Just belief.

But because this extension of Source that we also ARE, or what I’m now calling here self-consciousness, appears to be occurring through the form of a human body, it mistakenly presumes (believes) it is this body. And that as a body it is separate from other bodies and from other things, or in other words separate from everything believed to be “other” and “else,” outside of and/or other than this body, that we call “I,” or “me.”

Here arises the first “seeming,” or primitive meta-belief, what is called in some religious scriptures the fall from grace. It is also the beginning of what has always been a shared world now more and more dominated by humans, a domination enabled by what has become the one extreme collective belief pretty near all humans share – that we are separate from, in competition with, and threatened by literally everything seeming thing ”other” and else.

Patriarchy then adding even more extreme levels to our individually held, huge separation beliefs, in the form of economic and resource competition, and war, with men being much more inclined than women to believe in and identify with competitive, win-loose, zero sum games of conquest, reward, punishment and destruction.

To the point that all seeming “other” (lower down hierarchically) humans, including females in many (if not most to some degree) human societies, have also become commodified, owned, controlled and/or manipulated by patriarchal systems that overly dominant males are for the most part still in charge of and continue to define our societies by.

War, and all the extreme identifications with and beliefs in competition that are used to justify war, by its very nature, is accompanied by an ever increasing determination to insure that all these self-selected identities of separation and their “personal” bodies will continue on indefinitely, along with their entrenched beliefs that power, leverage and control over everything “else” is necessary to insure this.

It is also important to understand that power, leverage and control in these ways means, literally and without exception, having the means and ability to cause harm to other people, to the environment, and to other life forms. The justification and basis for this power, leverage and control is always hate and fear, rooted deeply in identities of separation.

To be able to see all of this in all its many ramifications, more and more, and deeper and deeper, is to also slowly become free of it.

Simply the SEEING of it. Not any of these words, nor even any of the ideations and concepts that you may conjure from these words.

But instead actually SEE THROUGH, to where all these words are pointing to as well as coming from, right here, each as our own self that is the same Self.

And then to realize that what we are seeing is what we also are. With this seeing also comes the realization that all this does not have to behave the way it is presently behaving, because we can actually choose differently.

Choose DIFFERENT beliefs. Together. Not apart. TOGETHER.

It is this very Choice itself that must awaken now. God sees only God, Wholeness knows its own Wholeness, Love realizes itself as Love, Truth recognizes itself as Truth. And we are That.

It really IS this simple. SEE. Even as it is, of course, rather hard (to say the least) for us to “believe” that it is this simple. This “seeing” is not of the body’s senses, nor of the mind’s imagination. It is direct, seer and seen the same, always here, always now.

Belief, aka ego, cannot and will not ever believe in its own demise, the demise of the belief in itself as separate in other words, even as it may sometimes try in “spiritual” and “non-dual” ways to pretend that it does.

Yet all this is incredibly easy for Awareness, simply because this Seeing, as I am calling it, is natural and inherent to Awareness’s very nature.

EXACTLY now, here, where all these words keep trying to point to, becomes the possibility of a sort of a turning “around” of our attention, a “looking” at our own beliefs, and questioning. Soooo many deeply layered beliefs on top of beliefs on top of beliefs. Perseverance and commitment absolutely necessary, and a willingness for this questioning to take “forever.”

UNTIL we realize fully and completely that the first primal meta belief in separation, that underlies all of these other beliefs, is simply not true. Simply, finally, and NOW sooo obviously, NOT true. In THIS realization ALL other beliefs slowly begin to loose their power.

Here is a different writing that attempts to point to this actual process of questioning our beliefs.

The more we are free of belief the more we are simply this seeing. And the more we are simply this seeing the more we are free of belief. In saying it this way I am attempting to describe a living, spiraling process that, once begun, or we might say surrendered to, will simply and naturally continue to renew, nourish and regenerate all by itself. For it has now finally opened itself into the light of its own awareness. Awareness is lighting up itself. Darkness, aka beliefs in separation, was always an illusion.

Through this sort of “movement,” the body along with its beliefs, imagination, memories, conditioning, perceptions and physical and mental abilities become more and more simply the adventures, discoveries, creative endeavors, struggles, challenges, griefs, joys and experiences of Seeing (aka Awareness), arising through all these various and myriad forms and energetically expanding and contracting relationships we have with each other and with the larger world around us, and all of which we are no longer believing we are, ever have been, or ever could be “separate” from…

We realize this human realm is a world that we, as Awareness coming into a self-knowing experience of itself, have always been a party to the making of. Through this realization our human realm now becomes a world that can simply, naturally and radically change, evolve and heal, and become what it was always meant to be and has never (really) not been.

The more, and the more widespread, we who are experiencing this auspicious human birth actually become awakened into a Consciousness that we always and already are, and have only forgotten, the more this healing of what has never not been whole will become possible.

A living paradox is born.


Co-creators with God, in a sense. What we project (make) with love now becomes, in the biblical sense, our “treasures stored in heaven.” And what we project out of fear does not.

What fear has been doing, instead, is to trap us, via belief, into all these fearful projections and ever expanding beliefs in separation that are presently destroying the earth, life, and Creation, as it truly wants, through us, to be.

As extensions of Consciousness we have actually inherited the power of Source to extend. And right here is free will in a nutshell. We can choose to extend out of unconsciousness, beliefs in separation, and fear, or we can choose to extend out of consciousness, connection, and love.

The only “hell” there is or ever has been is to be caught in the midst of all these projections of mankind’s fears and beliefs in separation, with everyone’s fears joining up with everyone else’s, in what has now clearly become a collective and global nightmare, that we humans keep insisting on “making” up, fighting with, and continually re-inflicting on ourselves, each other, and life on earth.

And yet, eventually, no matter how hard or how long we believe in fear, or how much we suffer our beliefs, this “darkness” (aka belief), in these ways we are discussing now, will always be nothing more than the illusions and delusions of nothing, aka a mere meta belief in separation.

In the Light of Consciousness, the only Reality, darkness simply does not exist, for it was never real.

Through seeing all this, and then questioning our beliefs about it, we can begin to awaken. Slowly, naturally, all the while as time, space, matter, form, energy, contraction, dispersal, self, and all seeming other is surrendered, over and over, to become simply our own unique paths into, and as, Awareness..

A way, through all these auspicious human births, for us to become awakened co-participants with all life, in what has always been an ever unfolding Creation, here and now. Time then becomes merely another tool in the midst of this always One ever changing yet infinitely still moment, and with all that is experienced and perceived now able to coevolve with itself through ALL its infinite and varied aspects, with humans serving as coevolving parts of it, consciously, lovingly, forever interconnected.

With even perception itself NOW understood, and actually experienced, as being far, far more than merely these temporary bodily senses.

To paraphrase Richard Rohr, God loves us by becoming us. Slowly, gently, in every possible way, and yet only as much as we are truly willing to allow Grace back into our lives. The choice is ours.

This paradox of free will, freedom, has now become about Everything, including time.

With all of this still nothing more than pointings, toward where “definitions” and “facts” no longer exist.

Slaking thirst...

~ John Fridinger
Talent, OR
Late Winter 2024