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To the mind that is still
The whole universe surrenders…


Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.  Albert Camus


Arhats, Bodhisattvas, Friends, Wanderers, Nurturers, Healers, Warriors, Seekers & Others…

What Is MOST Important To You NOW…?

A Spiraling Journey Of Deepening, Broadening Movements…?

Sharing Experience, Familiarity & What Is Reaching To Come THROUGH,

All these These Larger Terrains of Source, Silence & Awareness we share…?

A New Weaving Perhaps…?

If there are enough serious inquiries from sensible, experienced and/or truly motivated individuals

a virtual meetup is possible.

For people located in Southern Oregon a physical meetup is also possible.

All Genuine Traditions, Experiences, Commitments, Spiritual Languages & Perspectives Welcome.

Do you also realize that what is calling through us is also calling to itself within each of us, and that we and all life are actually one Whole Journey…?
Would you like some aware company in these ways…?
Well then this invite is for you…

Explore This Site & The Following Sites In Depth…



And Speak To These Possibilities,

on this site via Comments below, this site’s Contact page, OR to



We are neither teachers, students nor followers…  Instead people familiar and comfortable with their own unique ways, and who also seek companions in some of our larger common ways…


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This website is a reaching for greater understandings of human relationship, connection and community, in the company of others.


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