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An Open Message Regarding Bernardo Kastrup

An Open Message
Regarding Bernardo Kastrup

Bernardo Kastrup  doesn’t seem yet to fully realize the degree to which he is still trying to think his way to what is in essence the end of thought, a sort of destination, phenomenon or quality he and his colleagues most often label “consciousness.”  In a sense (because it is not actually possible) they continue their attempts to objectify, or make into a “thing” what precedes all thought, all language, all imaginings, all perceptions, and all concepts…

Melj, and Grace

Melj, and Grace

It is Grace that brings about final cessation of an identity of separation, or ego, to reveal all of Existence as this Truth of Love that we Are. Ego cannot orchestrate this dissolution, nor can an illusion of separation unite with what has never in any way been apart.

In Truth there is neither an ego to kill nor something other to unite with…