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Dear Melj,  Long time ago I wrote some words in response to a writing of yours on SpiritAwake, but never shared them…   _/\_

Part 1

It is Grace that brings about final cessation of an identity of separation, what is otherwise called ego, to reveal all of Existence as this Truth of Love that we Are. Ego cannot orchestrate this dissolution, nor can an illusion of separation unite with what has never in any way been apart.

In Truth there is neither an ego to kill nor something other to unite with. “Higher states of consciousness,” “thoughts as tools with lasting purpose or value,” a “self stored in memory that we can “access,” all of this is story.

All belief in a phenomenal world – things, other, choices, actions, time, space – derives from one single meta belief, that separation is possible.

It is this one mistaken belief that gives rise to ten thousand beliefs, ten thousand seeming choices, the ten thousand things of Taoism.

In what is sometimes called the turning around and undoing of beliefs, “things” do become useful, just for a while, as “stepping stones.” But only as much as we are willing to let each thing go, step further, go beyond, continue into our own dissolution. Otherwise the spiritual journey becomes merely more ways for ego to reflect back upon itself the illusions of its own separate existence.

Belief, brought into the light of awareness, is undone without a doer, and we slowly begin to realize separation was never real, and that in all of this world of the ten thousand things there has only ever been one temporary choice that we as Extensions of Source have to make – to surrender belief in separation, or not.

The ego cannot allow this to happen, for the ego is belief personified, an identity of separation that believes it is real. It will cease to exist when it is fully and clearly seen as merely a choice we made. No one chooses separation when they clearly see in the light of true understanding what it is they have chosen. A corrected mistake ceases to exist, there was only ever the truth, after all.

For those of us who have become seekers, the ego quickly learns to make up “spiritual” games to obscure and veil the truth that separation (ego) is not real.  Spiritual ideologies and even beliefs about the end of ego itself become its new games of separation, new ways of hiding, and the “new” ego. As our understandings becomes more powerful, sophisticated and subtle, the ego’s games will also become more powerful, sophisticated and subtle.

We can believe the ego’s games for as long as we wish.  That is the only real choice we have. Continue in the illusions of separation and the ten thousand things, or share in this Truth that none of it is real, and that we are one with all of existence.

All that is alive is consciousness, engaging with itself, reflections of the truth all life shares, of what is Whole, Holy. What makes us also human is this power of the Whole expressed through us to actually believe into apparent existence what seems to be an experience of being separate.

And so it is that only as we become able to bring that one meta choice, which is lying behind all of the ten thousand things, into consciousness, will Grace be able to reveal its own awareness without any other as the truth of what we also are. In this revelation even the most extreme appearances of separation we are experiencing will be transformed.

In the light of awareness what is not true becomes what it is, nothing, a mirage which belief seemed to make real. We need only say yes to the Truth of Love and find just a little willingness, as we enter into a trust of what we do not “know.” As that happens we will slowly begin to hear what is always softly calling to us, asking to bring us Home.

Part 2

This whole seeming human world is a projected synthesis of all the beliefs in all the games and stories of all the billions of beloveds who are choosing over and over to believe that separation in the form of the phenomenal world – things, bodies, others, thoughts, separate identities – is real.

Ego holds itself up by its own bootstraps, so to speak, a belief that believes it is real. But it is our own belief that enables this, gives it power over us.   Ego cannot have any lasting belief of its own, because it is not real.

We are, in Truth, Extensions of God, Thoughts of God, the Love of God, eternally One with God. We are as powerful as God because we are the Same as God. Thoughts can never be separate from the Mind that conceives Them.  Love can never be separate from Love.

Belief is “about” something “other” than the believer. Yet in Truth there is no other. A believer without belief becomes, through its own dis-illusion, the very essence of Freedom. In other words the ending of belief is the ending of the illusion of believer, ego, and bondage. What is left is what we always and already Are.

Duality is the backbone of illusion.  We made duality up by believing there could be something separate from Everything – that is from God, Love, Tao, Eternity, whatever term or symbol we use so we may have conversation about this.  In Truth we have never been separate, duality is a fiction, the past does not exist, memory is not real (actual), and the future is a dream based on the “past” that ego uses to fence us apart from the truth of ourself, here and now.

Nothing that ever comes and goes is real. Fear was made to further the ego’s belief in separation. Fear is the ego’s “proof” to itself that it is “real.”  All fear and aggression is fear of God, of Love, of Self, a rebellion against the Truth that we also are. Fear cannot be real because Love never attacks and there has never been and can never be anything separate from God, from Love, from Self.

When I say a thing is without a cause, I mean it is without a particular cause. Your own mother was needed to give you birth; But you could not have been born without the sun and the earth. Even these could not have caused your birth without your own desire to be born. It is desire that gives birth, that gives name and form.

The desirable is imagined and wanted and manifests itself as something tangible or conceivable. Thus is created the world in which we live, our personal world. The real world is beyond the mind’s ken; we see it through the net of our desires, divided into pleasure and pain, right and wrong, inner and outer. To see the universe as it is, you must step beyond the net. It is not hard to do so, for the net is full of holes.

Look at the net and its many contradictions. You do and undo at every step. You want peace, love, happiness and work hard to create pain, hatred and war. You want longevity and overeat, you want friendship and exploit. See your net as made of such contradictions and remove them. These are the holes. Your very seeing them will make them go.
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Part 3

We become identified with stories, memories and beliefs in the same way we become identified with the body.  We believe our stories are who we are, a whole huge movie landscape of drama, fear, desire and judgement. All of it weaving into and as the experience of the body. The body is the cornerstone and the charnel ground in all this, seeming to hold together a separate unity of experience which we have chosen to believe is what we are. The belief that thinking is real is the belief the body is real. Always it is the same singular mistaken belief, that we can be separate from Source, God.

The ego mind/body identity is a “whole” in a sense, in that it all arises out of that one core central belief that we are separate.  It is like a “whole” little separate “kingdom” we believe we have carved out of the unity of God, one we are the sole ruler of, all of it centered around beliefs in danger, scarcity, pain, suffering and sorrow, intermixed with other various beliefs in accomplishment, gain, pleasure and thrill.

In order to maintain our tiny “separate” kingdoms, seemingly separate from each other as well as separate from God, it became necessary to forget that we are Extensions of, and not separate from God.

Yet something in us still remembers.

That Something keeps softly calling to us, come home, return to this Truth that we already Are, have only forgotten.  That is what the seeking for happiness is really all about, no matter how much we may confuse our desire for happiness with things, wealth, fortresses, special relationships, power, fame, sensation, etc.

There will always be a little part of us that has not forgotten, still knows we are not separate from God. That part IS the calling. And paradoxically that “little” part is Everything, for it remains as always the Truth of what we Are.

And even as that little part of us is what we most fear, we don’t really want this little kingdom. What we really want is happiness, which is our true heritage as the Extensions or Children of God. Love and Happiness are the Same. God is always extending, through Love, extending as all of us and each of us, in all our infinite variations of One, and through each of us and all of us God or Wholeness is also extending outward into Creation.

The choice we have is to surrender all that we have made in the beliefs of separation, and allow it to be transformed into what it already is, Creation, through the power of Love that transforms everything.

Or we may keep holding on to separation.

Beloveds seeking the Truth often speak about the letting go of attachment and desire, yet most have only a vague sense of what that is.

Attachment is believing that a thought, feeling, emotion, sensation, perception, thing or memory is real and inseparable from what and who we are.

Desire is believing that there is something other, apart from what we are, that is real and will make us happy if we somehow attain or obtain it. Yet nothing separate from what we already are can ever bring true happiness. No illusion can bring happiness.

Only the Truth is capable of happiness.

~ John Fridinger