Read time: 2 minutes

Possibility extending into possibilities,
Every Moment begetting moments,
Existence a never ending
Movement of swirling energies
Given birth by Stillness.

Out of Nothing, Everything,
Awareness Dancing with itself,
Singing into Creation
Myriad unfolding Ways,
Life in Love with Being.

The deer arrives,
Meeting, Presence,

The deer departs.
I go with her,

Wild enfolding
Another Wanderer
Back into Existence,

I Am Her deepest
Mysteries, forever

Now This, within which
A dream appears,
Forgiveness in every
Moment we Know

Without knowing
anything, eternally
Here, separation was
only a dream.

Through surrender our
shared dream has come Alive,
Awareness in joyful play
with Being, Knowingly.

This Knowing is your Heart,
Preciousness, cat in lap.
All One, sipping tea.

The hugeness of God
That She can hold even This,

In One Heart, Alone.

What is True
is found in the Dance
of wholeness within Wholeness,
a Joyful Dance that embraces
even the activities of separation
with Awareness and Love.
Neither All nor Nothing.
Part of Greater Wholeness.

Neither grabbing on,
nor pushing away,
somewhere between,
there is a crack in reality,
Light shining through,
Here and Now,
Your Face.

There is Love
that embraces even this fear,
and I feel it within,
like a seed, newborn.

Reaching into dark depths,
awakening into light,
duality transfigured
into joyful life.

Tender and delicate,
unsure and bold,
a swirl of possibilities,
Goddess unfolding.

Realizing, movement,
surrendering ever
deeper into All
that Calls us

Saying Yes,
offering self to Presence,
nothing to change,
fix, make better,
Already Whole.

Remembering, Forgetting,
stages on this non-journey,
until there is Neither,
Just This, Always Here,
Awakening was a dream.

The cats and I,
sending you
our delight,
energy moving,
all over the world
an upwelling,
Life and existence
reforming in new ways,
the old falling away in Love,
Awareness embracing Truth
as Self.


A bridge that reaches
across the Abyss of
God’s Love,
held solid in the core
of two hearts.

A new world is spanned,
myriad hearts joining
together upon
A different Way.

All in God, as God,
forever Not Knowing,
this same Love,
awakening, Awake.

What could come of
surrendering in concert,
God playing awesome
music through All,
Beings awakening
into this Non-Journey
Together and Alone,
supporting each other
in Truth, distinct Souls
in Love with God
That We Are.

Even in your anger you loved me,
and in the heat of your love was
my own that I could never again
turn away from, that held me Here,
transfixed by a shared need
to become All that we Are,
Called now to truly Love.

We have come into Life, our
passage this opened Way of
God, formed of Joining, Beings
forever discovering Self,
in and through each other.

‘Tis like this, exactly, the fullness
of Presence, and the Missing.

Yearning becomes in Surrender
the fruit of Existence, of Life.

This Need that we are,
Always Arising.

~ John Fridinger
On the Road
Fall, 2009