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Fell down a rabbit hole
again, a couple days ago,
mind like a mad hatter, filled
with clashing illusions…

None of the stories real,
however much I believe
they are, which maybe,
at the moment, I don’t…

Always a familiar rabbit
hole, the same foolish
beliefs, every time I begin,
once again, to notice…

Never without this reaching,
so many layers of energy, fear,
despair, dissolving into trust…

Awareness, in the presence
of love, showing the way,
embracing sadness into itself…

Every moment absorbed by the
next, neither past nor future, just
This, ever changing, ordinary, now…

Perhaps I will transplant some
tomatoes later today, read a book,
or listen to the birds sing…

I trust,
and am given
to God in greater
and greater ways.

Every day is growth,
this surrender into being,
itself also surrendered,
or so it seems.

Some ways it is unfolding
are still very scary,
lots of confusion
and pain,

But sometimes, in these
ways that surrender
grows, there is
joy, peace, freedom.

Talking this morning, then reading
the poetry I sent you yesterday.
Feeling in your words now a
mingling of essences, Here,
this Heart of shared hearts,
Ocean without limits.

We are the Shores of the Infinite,
discovering All Other as ourselves,
this shared Presence of One Being.

Here we meet, in Recognition,
all of this, together, still bodies, so
uniquely responsive, God to God.

I Am, becoming with another, deeply
feeling, this poetry my song to You,
and to you dearly beloved, God’s
expression, the gift of Her Self
emerging into form, This World that
calls us into What we have always been…

She Knows Her own love in
another, and through her love
She is found, yet also myself, this
greater Self that is All of Us,
infinite discovery, the Whole
that we Are, Always, Becoming.


Feeling scared and alone
this morning, you could tell.

Is all this still story, or is it
simple human expression,
truth, movement, life?

Can’t say, don’t know, anything.

Feeling life, so much, colors,
scent, music, touch, the subtle
realms. All is Essence, energies,
Discovery, the Ways that Life
upwells through Body, Heart,
God Expressed. Here I Am.

Feeling people, Love, loving,
missing community, home,
drinking tea with the Beloved,
the liquid warmth and subtleties
of You suffusing into This that
I Am, the One that We Are.

Feeling God Yearning for God through
All, Unfolding out of the mysteries
of Her Heart, into Another,
Revealing in the myriad Ways
of Existence, our Transformation
into Stillness and Love,
Not Knowing, Becoming.

With Lack Or
Without Lack,
I Miss,
I Feel,
I Love,
I Offer,
All to God,
I Am,

This calling out of our deepest needs, like
handkerchiefs unfolded from our pockets into
their own shapes and expressions of Being as
part of the Whole, Life yearning for itself in New Ways.

No urgency, slow movements and subtle expressions,
feelings that want to love and be loved, embracing
ourselves as we are, in all these amazing,
unravelling, emerging and ever revealing ways.

The joining of Worlds with natural desires, truly
God-Given, a holding of ourselves and each
other, a greater World without division or concern,
our very Humanness discovered as The Way.

Life provides for us and nourishes us through
each other, All in Time, back and forth, the
rhythms of Possibility, Goddess in Form, no one
to count, only One, Alive, Being, What Is.

There is no longer a mine and a yours, there is
only all of This that is Us, the World as it was
always meant to Be, and Is, All of Us Realized,
Beauty Known, Knowing Itself, the Coming and
the Going, eternal Self embracing infinite Emptiness.

Energy ebbs and flows, this way and that, sometimes
from you to me, sometimes from me to you,
Existence as it Wants to Be, Essences Unfolding
into and out each other, the Wondrousness of it All.

Real Time a Spaciousness not measured, a True
Openness that allows all things to Be, forever this way
and that, receiving from the other in Love what is
given in Love, this is the Greatest Freedom of All, perhaps.

These very Places we Find ourselves are parts of Creation
as it Wants to Be, All just This, our most hidden, mundane and
fearful energies now become expressions of Life, God discovering
God In Creation, in All of Her infinite, myriad and unfolding Ways.

~ John Fridinger
On the Road
Summer, 2011