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Movement together,
apart, inward, outward,
feeling lonely again,
enough adventure, want
the closeness of subtle
things, slow movements,
still paths, seasons
that teach us circular
ways, quiet expressions,
gesture, energies
that speak of deep
mysteries unrevealed,
eyes that see
ourselves in the other,
the taste and scent of
the qualities of self,
words that open like doors
into the fullness of heart,
simple actions that bring
closeness, touch that knows
beauty in the shapes and
textures of what we are…

Could it be that
there are some things
we are reaching for that
is really God reaching
through us, for us? That, in
Awareness, Truth reaches
through what is Here?

This Knowing in a different Way,
from a place that is neither
separate nor attached.
Reaching as a part of
what we are,
in God.

Reach and
Let Go, all at the same time,
one whole,
so to speak…

Talking this morning, a lot, your gift to me, a shared discovery
in the midst of Not Knowing, All in its own Way, beautifully
reflected moments arising out of openness, showing up,
small tastes, love given, yourself, Being, in-seeing.

Scared to share some things, how you might hear, and this
morning you gifted me greatly. I am not what you fear, those
echoes of the past, it seems that we Both know that now.

I can speak, an amazing discovery, no one here that wants
to go after you, all that gone, a beautiful child embraced,
close, Joining, This Wondrous Love, Our Self.

Love eternally remains, and a Wanting without expectation, simply
reaching to the Beloved, touch and be touched, hold and be
held in moments that embrace Oneness, a Letting Go that
nourishes Self in the Beloved Other.

A Whole Lot
All OK
Held In Love
My Heart

Chakras, Mt. Shasta, and the Earth,
Deep Energies Freed,
New Beginnings,

The plane of our Solar System,
The plane of our Galaxy,
Where they Cross,

The Eclipse and The Solstice
And the Root of the Earth
Now Exactly Here.

Beginning days, Fall 2011,
New Possibilities,
In All sorts
of Ways.

No longer merely story,
Opening up to All.


May We Know
Great Presence in
These Moments of
Great Transition,
End of Separation,
Held In The
Love of All.

Slow in the Ways of a Great Mountain,
Gentle as the Touch of a Butterfly,
In Love with the Friend
That We Are.

Presence Permeating Creation’s Miracle,
Weaving Life’s Endless Songs Into
God Dancing, Precious Being
That We Are.

Slowly and Gently, This Stillness
The Blessed Essence, Each
Delicate Moment
That We Are.

The Seeker of Self is Falling Away,
Allowing One to Remember,
Love that I Am, All
That We Are.

Coming Back into This, Heart of
Hearts, Separation Never
Was, Divine One
That We Are.

Letting go,
We become
What always is,
The space in
Which we occur,
Always here,
Trust in God
All Just This…


Here now
we are,
to what is,
to let go…


Wonder about the Night,
And the Day Sky,
The Sun always Here,
Source of the One Heart
That we All are…

And Now, this
Knowing, Here
In the One Heart
That we All are…

What is needed
simply Is, out of the
One Heart
That we All are…

The Course is opening
more and more, as if into
an ever expanding abyss,
trusting with all my Heart
that It is Love…

You are Here Beloved Self,
Remembering what was
Never lost or forgotten,
This Being, becoming…


This calling out of our deepest needs,
unfolding into the myriad shapes and
expressions of Being, participants of the
Whole, Life yearning for itself in New Ways.

Slow movements and subtle expressions,
Love loving and being loved, embracing
ourselves as we are, in all these amazing,
unravelling, emerging, revealing ways.

Worlds and natural desires joining,
God-Given, holding the All through each
other, a greater World without division,
Our Humanness discovered as The Way.

Life provides for us and nourishes us through
each other, All in Time, back and forth,
rhythms of Possibility, Goddess in Form, no
one to count, only One, Alive, Being, What Is.

Neither mine nor yours, the World, all of
This, Ours, as it is meant to Be,
and Is, Us Realized, Beauty Known,
Knowing Itself, Coming and Going.

Energy ebbs and flows this way and that,
from you to me, from me to you,
Existence Is, Essences Unfolding into
each other, the Wondrousness of it All.

Spaciousness not measured, True
Openness allows all things to Be, this way
and that, receiving in Love what is
given in Love, the Greatest Freedom of All.

These very Places we Find ourselves, Creation,
All just This, our most hidden, mundane and fearful
energies as expressions of Life, God discovering God
in All of Her infinite, myriad and unfolding Ways.

( the only true joining is with what has never been apart )

~ John Fridinger
On the Road
Fall, 2011