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A seemingly perennial urge
to run into a woman,
yet trusting, somehow
she won’t let me.

Believing in her spirit, and her
courage to be free, I once again
become this lone heart bursting forth,
like a vast tree leafing into spring.

Still present is an ancient fear,
of a Way she won’t allow us to know,
as together we become untethered
to images made of our differing pasts.

Always this not knowing, an innocence
I am called to come to terms with,
accept, here, in this spaciousness we are
all about, within each of us, for the other.

A living, tangible, embodied
force, this life we are here to
nourish in and with a world we share,
honoring what we Are, together.

Can we discover how
to set ourselves free without
forgetting what already binds
us together with all life, as One?

Vulnerability is daring to
really believe in an intimacy
that can only find itself through
Two, in One seamless way.

To come to fruition through
a rooting of two journeys into one
whole life, this heart of our
hearts, all that we are, together.

The power of her strength
now freed into our shared
world is what I dare to trust,
with everything that I am.

A mystery we find together
only in the communion of a
shared and sharing life
surrendered into love.

~ John Fridinger
Santa Cruz, CA
Spring, 1985