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I am someone who
Loves very strongly,
very fully, indeed.

Which one of you
will open so widely,
so deeply,
as that?

Woman, forget the past,
that was your fear.

This is what is real.

In the old ways
we were always
dying for her love,
living alone for his.

Something may have
been born into eternity
out of such a union,
But that way is past,
and now a new way
must be found.

So many times, through
many mistakes, and
so many forms,
we have been deeply,
and passionately
in love.

Somewhere in
this stillness we are,
there is that which
can breath us back
into one, rekindle
all the joy, passion
and sensation
we have
known, over
and over,
so many lifetimes.

And when we
are finally ready,
love will also teach
us to nurture,
and remember.

She forgot
who we were
when we
began this journey
as One, and the call
we came together
in this lifetime
to answer, the
one eternal task
all of us
here in form
are truly about,
to forge a
shared vessel
large enough
and strong enough
to contain and express
the vastness, heat
and power of our one
real and true Love.

( and I forgot to be gentle… )

~ John Fridinger
Summer, 1993